why walk when you can dance?


Let yourself go and dance along the streets of this historic city declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. Due to its historical enclosure and the rectorship of its university is one of the very few cities classified as unique for the UNESCO.

We describe, as follows, some of the emblematic areas of the city where we will perform some activities in our SensuAlcalá con Salsa!


La Plaza de Cervantes is one of the iconic places in Alcalá de Henares. With the sunset, this wonderful square will be the perfect scenery for dancing kizomba, bachata and salsa outdoors until the evening.

19.30h – 22.00h          Friday, 14th of September
19.30h – 22.00h          Saturday, 15th of September
19.30h – 22.00h          Sunday, 16th of September


It is the main square and where we will dance at the open air. The origins of this square are located in the Middle Age, as an space situated outside of the medieval city. Here was the village market and the annual fair, permission granted by the king Alfonso VIII in 1184. It was named Plaza del Mercado ( Market Square ).In XV and XVI Centuries it was totally integrated in the urban city, due to the extension of the wall, first of all , and to the urban development afterwards, which would be the future university neighborhood.

Thus, the square turned to be the principal space in the city. The stage of every public public celebration. It also served as a jurisdictional border between the town and the University.


To be precise, at Calle Pedro Gumiel at the corner of this University Façade, we will dance salsa and bachata during the daytime social parties until the evening.

17.00h – 19.00h          Saturday, 15th of September
17.00h – 19.00h          Sunday, 16th of September


The fact of dancing in this area is a real privilege. If we look at San Diego Square and we enjoy its majesty, we are doing the same that time ago did Lope de Vega, Francisco de Quevedo, Manuel Azaña or the very Miguel de Cervantes, for not mention Kings of that time or other personalities. That creates much respect and admiration.

You will enjoy the activities we have planned in the square that lodges this wonderful façade built thanks to Cardinal Cisneros in 1499. The first University City of the history was inaugurated ten years afterwards. A real heroic deed for the time.

The symbols of the façade have relationship with the knowledge and ecclesiastic Doctrine and the powder of the emperor and the Prince of that time, future Felipe II.


The Ruinas de Santa María will be the scenery for the daytime kizomba and urban kiz social parties and DJ sessions.

17.00h – 19.00h          Saturday, 15th of September
17.00h – 19.00h          Sunday, 16th of September


This Square has part of the ancient Church of Santa María. This was the building that used to close the Cervantes Square, but was destroyed in the Spanish Civil War. It only remains the Chapel of Oidor, which is actually an exposition Center and where still remains the Miguel de Cervantes baptismal font.



The Complejo Cervantes is a remodeled space and designed for the celebration of events. In its more than 3 hectares stands a modern and avant-garde building, product of the remodeling of the ruins of a factory of the early twentieth century protected by the Community of Madrid, so that for its remodeling the original architecture inspired by the Cervantes era, which is the origin of the name of the building.

In Complejo Cervantes we will celebrate workshops and social nigh parties (from Friday to Sunday). There will be more than 60 horas of workshops taught by our national and international artists. The workshops will be separate by disciplines and rooms, and social nigh parties will take place in different rooms.


For lunch, we will provide an international menu with vegetarian options.

There will be a private and FREE bus network to TRANSPORT the attendees from the main venue to Alcalá city center (in both ways).

The pick up point in Alcalá de Henares city center is located in Plaza Rodríguez Marín. This bus will take you to Complejo Cervantes.


  • FRIDAY 14/09: From Plaza Rodríguez Marín (Alcalá de Henares city center) to Complejo Cervantes: 15:30.
  • SATURDAY 15/09: From Plaza Rodríguez Marín (Alcalá de Henares city center) to Complejo Cervantes: 10:00 am.
  • SUNDAY 16/09: From Plaza Rodríguez Marín (Alcalá de Henares city center) to Complejo Cervantes: 10:30 am


Our private bus network has a high frequency for you to move from one venue to the other. In peak hour there will be a bus available every 20 min, and in the rest of hours, there will be 1 bus per hour.


The Auditorio Manuel Azaña in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain), is another one of emblematic places that we will enjoy dancing. There will take place the SYS (Show Your Style) by Laurent Yìshù and his Crew.


This picturesque place was the scenery of electoral activities, theatre plays, summer cinemas and other activities that took place next to the park, built in 1987.

For more information about these monuments and historial places you can enjoy the visit : http://www.turismoalcala.es

At the following map you will see the venues, pick up & drop off places and the hotels in the city center of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), where the activities of SensuAlcalá con Salsa! will take place.

LeyendaVenue (indoors) Complejo Cervantes
LeyendaPick up / Drop off point at Complejo Cervantes
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