Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.



Samuel Funflow and Sophia Adalis are dancers, instructors and choreographers based in Madrid, Spain. They are one the most multitasking dance dancers couples out there: salsa, bachata, kizomba, pachanga… they just do it all! They both give an extra spicy touch to the Afro Latin rhythms mixing them with the Samuel’s hip hop energy and with the Sophia’s arabian and african flavour. Dancing is their passion and they absolutely love social parties and having non-stop “funflow” with everyone. 

So ladies and gentlemen, get ready to rock the dance floor with them! 

Samuel and Sophia on stage are the perfect mixture of style and flavour. Their classes, characterized by their methodical teaching and their spontaneous sense of humor, are very well known and appreciated in the dancing community.

Besides, you might appear in one of the crazy videos that they upload on their website www.funflowdance.com.

Are you ready to have a lot of FUNFLOW with them?

Recommendation of the organization:

Samuel and Sophia are the fun and happiness in person! Don’t miss their classes, where they teach the techniques cheerfully.

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