Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.



Carlos and Anjuli are a profesional couple coming from Venezuela. They are now living in Madrid and they perform different dances as traditional bachata, salsa/mambo and kizomba, generating a particular  and innovative style .

Anjuli studied dance from the year 2000 to 2004  at the dance School AA Studio de Danza  directed by Anita Vivas . She also danced lyric jazz, funk , hip-hop , breakdance , nationalist dances and salsa. In 2004 she started to dance with the “Compañia Imagen Latina”  and still studied different latin classic and modern disciplines (ballet, contemporary, bachata, merengue, salsa, chachachá etc.) She soon promoted in the Company and she performed  in different events. She kept like this until 2007.

On the other way, Carlos studied Salsa Casino and Rumba (Cuban style) in Venezuela from 2004 with the Company Pedro González. He developed that style as a professional dancer during 4 years. In 2008 he started to learn classic latin styles in the Company Imagen Latina, the same as Anjuli, getting specialized in Salsa in linea (Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and New York,s Style).

In 2009 Anjuli gets back to Imagen Latina, where she meets Carlos and they both promote to semi professionals  and afterwards to professionals. They both had the opportunity to dance in different national and international stages. In 2013 they both start to dance as a part of the company B&S, specialized in traditional  Mambo and Bachata taking part of national and international shows during 2 years. At the same time they also led their own dance group “Armonia Latina” together with some other dancers where they fused latin  and urban rhythms having much success.

In 2015 they moved to Spain and start to  teach the traditional bachata and Mambo in some schools in Madrid and surroundings. They also make some choreographic works and they perform them in stages like   the one of Benidorm Summer Festival. At the same time they study kizomba with some other dancers well recognized internationally.

At the beginning of that year they start to work with Albir Rojas, with the group Random Roots, performing  the kizomba fusion in their shows , workshops and different congress. Afterwards they create their own group Radikal Move, which is step by step getting well know due to its special style.

After three years in Madrid they have become as the best drivers of the traditional Bachata and very well know dancers/instructors and choreographers. 

Recommendation of the organization:

Carlos and Anjuli are multifaceted, in this festival they will teach kizomba, salsa and bachata, and you can easily find them in the social. Take advantage and ask them all questions you have! 

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