Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.



Rō’N’KizZ (Roninkiz ) was born from the initiative of a friendship which wanted to share experiences on the dance floors.

With our catchword “We are protection, we are Ronin“ we intend to create dreams that before, during, and after the dance time, we leave our memory further of the Festival and, with no doubt, the feeling of coming back would arise and also the thought of that marvelous remembrance”.

Following , we describe the TaxiDancers´ Ronkizz team :

* Disclaimer: Ronin Ronin is the name given to a samurai with no lord, that is : free.


Alias “Ronin”, was born in Granada (Andalusia, Spain)

His first steps in the kizomba world began in 2013 and from then: traveling, festivals, courses… getting to know the world of the kizomba in every corner of Spain and Europe.

It was in 2017 when he knew the figure of the “Taxidancer” and from then on, he wanted to share his experience at the dance floors.

From Granada with great enthusiasm:

“Shall we dance?”


Born in Puerto de Santa María – Cadiz – (Andalusia – Spain).

It is six years ago when he began learning in dance workshops of salsa and bachata.

Two years afterwards he knew the kizomba dance , after workshops , congresses and some other events and he got to be a teacher.

It was in 2017 when someone proposed to him to be part of a TaxiDancers and in 2018 they all premiered as such.

“Is there anything nicer that anyone invites you to dance?”


he has the stage name “Juanin Rouge“. He was born in Cádiz (Andalusia, Spain)

After having learned salsa for two years , he started is way with kizomba in april 2016 and since then he still gets classes 2-3 days a week.

In June 2016 he attended his first kizomba congress where he was able to get to know the magic of this dance. His feeling and the great ambiance made it unforgettable and the intention of going further.

His training in it has being increasing by attending numerous Congresses/Festivals, where he has received training from teachers from all over the world who have contributed to increase and complete his dance style .

Nowadays, as an integrant of the Roninkiz TaxiDancers he has collaborated in national and international congresses and he awaits with great enthusiasm the following ones.

He keeps on receiving regular classes and he maintains the passion of enjoying what the kizomba offers us.

“ Melody flows along our bodies in a form of energy”

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