Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.

They both have the dream of passing on Kizomba wherever they go.



Born in Madrid and Cadiz, both share their passion and love for African dances. Currently, they have their school in Cadiz (Kizomba Paixao) and they travel national- and internationally in order to teach and keep on learning in this area.

He has african influences coming from Wary Cherry and Vanessa Ginga Pura, and she from Evaldo Zeita and Vanessa Ginga Pura.Paula, a physical education teacher, starts dancing latin rhythms in 2009, but little by little, kizomba is increasing. Her enthusiasm for dancing together with her experience in teaching, make her an excellent teacher. Melchor got to know the African Dance in 2014, and he became soon a lover of it’s value. He was aware of the African Culture due to his experience in Libya. Because of his humanitarian support, he intends to share this Culture in his classes. Likewise, he has experience in competitions, taking part of the Open For Andalusia 2016 in the qualifier Open in 2017, when he finished the 4th, and getting to the international one the same year. He is a physical teacher in gymnastics since 2008, which gives him a capacity of technical analysis together with his interest in teaching the African Culture.

They both have the dream of passing on Kizomba wherever they go.

Recomendación de la organización:

Paula and Melchor are taking positions in the kizomba world as teachers incredibly fast. You can’t miss their workshop!

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