Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.

Maks and Anna are winners and prize-winners of numerous competitions and participants of festivals.



It’s one of the most known couple of Ukraine. For all their dance time they worked productively in this sphere and brought the contribution in development of bachata in Ukraine and beyond its limits, and also managed to achieve certain success.

Their school “Mariposa en el Viento” was founded in 2012 as Marks and Anna’s joint project, motivated with need of expansion of audience and promoting of such directions of social dances, as salsa, bachata, reggaeton. Telling about culture and traditions, distinctions in music and styles, need to understanding and technical skill of movements, and also their sociality, they go deep in particular and small nuances of these types of dances, self-improving in them.

Bachata became the main specifics of their school. It most of all inspired and pushed them to improvement and its further distribution. On this boost were born many shows, workshops, victories in competitions.

Work of this couple represents a certain complex of the dancing innovations developing a creative in dance and advance of a bachata, and also they show huge progress on their own way in development of social dances. Long ago it became a part of their life and they could light it not one hundred people, doing their training cheerful and effective. Achievements of their students are great and numerous that speaks about high readiness and professionalism of their teaching.

They go deep not only in different styles of bachata, but also each of them sort on the main points, such as work in couple, features of leading-following, musicality of every taken direction, a variation of an outgaming of music and for high level – dips and tricks in bachata. Maks and Anna are winners and prize-winners of numerous competitions and participants of festivals.

They are modern and creative, they are positive and open, they share their knowledge with a great pleasure and they are really happy when they upgrade a level of dancers. Their passion is musicality and connection in dance so they teach it on a workshops and in a school. They know how to explain all techniques and specific of bachata, to inspire, to make people love bachata -because they love it with all their heart.

Recommendation of the organization:

Maks & Anna are, amongst all, excellent persons and professionals with a high technical level. Don’t miss their performances!! You can easily find them on the dancefloor as well

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