Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.

In the last years they have trained with the best teacher in Mambo (Daniel Castillo ) and Afrocuban Rythms (Javier Monier) increasing their knowledge traveling to New York City where they trained with the best teachers in NY Salsa ( Eddie Torres, Griselle Ponce, Franklin Diaz, Yamulee…) . They have also learnt technical manners in Modern dance ( Martha Graham) and in Classical dance , which has given them a solid technical base

Celia & David


Celia and David are a couple of young  salsa dancers living in Alcala de Henares, specialized in New York Style Salsa , but they like all kind of dances and that is the reason why they like to experience with other disciplines as the contemporary dance and the Afrocuban rythms .

Music is very important in the workshops of Celia and David . Therefore you will learn how to identify  the different instruments and the types of Salsa .They are used to make you look for the dancer you have inside yourself in order to make you enjoy the most possible. The principal aim of Celia and David is that you can connect with the music ,  you  dance with no binds and you can  enjoy your couple.

Recommendation of the organization:

The shows of Celia and David are a perfect fusion of salsa and contemporary dance together with a dramatized performance . On the stage they show the big connection they have , immersing the people in their particular history .

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