Y si la música es buena, bailas.

DJ Scan



Kike started knowing about african rythms back in early 2012, when kizomba was at steep growth in Madrid and Lisbon was the most direct reference both in musical and dancing topics. Just by chance during a party at Cats in Madrid he listened for the first time to the kizomba beat, that sensual rythm, and got so impressed that he immediately started looking for a way to learn it.
At a very rapid pace, he took part in a lot of festivals around the globe (Lisbon, Porto, Paris, Triest, Milan, Moscaw, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Valencia, Málaga, Tokio…) and after coming in contact with the great names of the moment during the birth of Urban Kiz, it came up naturally that he started sharing his knowledge, from the deepest respect to the roots, giving workshops in The Host Kizomba Bisú, Madrid and regular classes during three years.
He took part in the Semba Teachers Training by Miguel and Susana/Paulo and Lanna in Lisbon in 2017.
He has been training with DJs like Sergio Banderas, Dj Adon, Tó Costa, Dj Sabura…


Dj Scan both performs as a kizomba DJ and semba/kizomba teacher from time to time, and he also helps new young talents to develop their first steps in the DJ booth.
The contribution a person can make to the dancing world is not for that person shining, but for the dance world shining. With this in mind, his performance trajectory has always been independent and technically very exigent.
No shows, no selfies…


Because the only thing that matters is what remains at the dance floor after you have gone.

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