And if the music is good, you dance.

DJ Rebo

DJ Rebo ( Jose Manuel Rebollo) born in July 1980 in Madrid. Spain

Is a DJ  Promoter of different locals at the area of Corredor del Henares and Madrid , among them are Hanoi House, The Host, Migas, 7 Rosas, Athena , etc. As Promoter and organizer he leads 7 Rosas every week end. Together with the Public Relations team of 7 Rosas and Nacho Sonero the are used to organize every January the  Rosas Dance Congress.  He started with the SBK dance six years ago and then he started to work as Public Relations for  different dance halls , where he got big experience and  knowledge putting  them to practice to the dance floor . As DJ he made a Professional DJ course at DJ Producer.  So far he has got greats results making nice and funny sessions where people enjoy at the dance area. Every day he gets more experience as he hears the advices of everyone in order to improve constantly.

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